Process of 2018 Ford Escape Oil Change Reset

Have you ever seen the oil change light message on your 2018 ford escape's display? The process of 2018 ford escape oil change reset is easy.

Ford Escape vehicles have modern and fast technology systems equipped in the car. Whenever your car is facing any issue, the message pops up on the display screen.

Whenever your car indicator shows oil change required on the display screen, Its an alert for the driver to change the oil of the car. One of the ford recommended oil is Motorcraft oil.

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The car  display screen reminds you of the oil change, oil limit of your car so that you can prepare accordingly. The indicator light shows up when oil maintenance is required. It usually appears after every 5000 miles, following the car’s last reset time.

This indicator sign does not turn off on its own even if you have changed the old oil with new oil.

It's annoying to see the indicator showing the car requires an oil change. Once the oil change reset is complete, it will not appear again unless your car needs an oil change.

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Sometimes, the oil pump is not circulating properly which results in lubrication problems in the engine. In such cases, this method will not help, you need an expert to fix your car engine and to check the working of the oil pressure sensor system.

Different vehicles operate in different ways, and they have different procedures. Although all instructions and solutions about car problems are well explained  in the car manual, it's better to go through them.

2018 Ford Escape Oil Change Reset Process:

2018 ford escape oil light reset process are described bellow. Just follow these simple steps:

Step One: Turn the Ignition “ON”

Put the key in the car, switch the ignition "ON," and turn off your engine.

Step Two: Hold on the brake and gas pedal for 20 seconds

Press the gas pedal and brake at the same time. For convenience, use your right foot on the gas pedal and your left foot on the brake.

After three seconds, The system will indicate: "Oil change in progress."

Step Three: Feet off once the reset is complete

Hold on to it and keep pressing the brake and gas pedal to the floor until the system shows: "Oil change reset complete" on the display screen.

This process typically takes 20 seconds. This step is an indication that the oil reset is complete after the confirmation, feet off from the gas pedal and the brake.

Final Step: Reconfirmation

To verify, turn the ignition "ON" and start your engine. If the message still displays on the screen, repeat the rest procedure.

The ford change oil reset is simple and easy. Make sure the system of the car is on while keeping the engine shut.

Make sure you step on the brake pedal and accelerator at the same time. Feet off when the system shows that the oil change is complete. Thus, 2018 ford escape oil life reset process is over.

2013 Ford Escape Oil Light Reset Process:

We will show you 2013 ford escape oil change reset process. The screen display on the screen makes it easy to know when your car needs an oil change.

If the indicator on your car displays "Oil change required," it means that it's time to reset the oil change.

Here are simple steps that you can follow to reset the oil change light on the screen.

Step 1: Turn the car “ON”

Press the start button until all the lights light up on the display screen; keep the engine off while resetting the oil change required light.

Step Two: Press the brake pedal and gas pedal at the same time

Step on to the gas pedal and brake at the same time.

After three seconds, The display screen will show: "Oil change in Progress."

Step Three: Maintain the previous step for 20 seconds

Hold on to it for 20-30 seconds. After holding the brake and gas pedal for few seconds, the display on the screen will change. Now the display screen will show: "Oil change reset completely."

Step Four: Feet off  once the screen displays the reset is complete

As soon as the oil reset is complete, get your feet off the gas pedal and the brake.

Final Step: Verification

For verification, turn the ignition off and start the engine and check whether the indicator is reset or not.

Follow the same procedure for 2014 ford escape oil change reset, 2016 ford escape oil light reset, and 2017 ford escape oil life reset.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. How to reset the oil light after an oil change?

Turn "ON" your car without starting the engine. On your Ford vehicle, press the gas pedal and brake with your feet for 20-30 seconds until the oil change display on the screen goes away.

2. What does the wrench light mean on a ford escape?

The wrench light in the ford escape does not necessarily mean "Check Engine for an oil change."

The yellow or orange-colored wrench on the dash indicates that your car needs upcoming maintenance.

There might be a transmission, power, wiring, throttle, or battery issue. Whenever you face this situation and can't take your car to a Ford dealer, it's better to turn on emergency flash mode and turn off all the electric devices.

3. Why is my light still on after an oil change?

If the oil light is still on after an oil change, it means your car has severe oil pressure. Whether the oil pressure is too low or the oil pressure is too high, both are bad signs.

If the oil pressure shows abrupt or random behavior, it means your car needs a quick repair.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your vehicle, the oil change interval might differ based on your driving habits and environmental conditions. It is recommended by ford escape to change the oil every 7500 miles.

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The manual of the ford escapes states that you should reset the oil change light appearing within two weeks. If you do not change the oil and keep on neglecting it, it might overheat and affect the car's lubrication system.

The oil change indicator displays the message on the screen when the oil is critically low. To keep your vehicle battery and driving life great, we recommend you not delay the oil change interval and change the oil before the recommended time by your oil monitoring system.

High maintenance of the car will result in better lubrication, smooth drive, improved engine performance, and improved working system efficiency.

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