Ford Focus Oil Change Reset Process in 2023

Ford Focus oil change light need to reset after every oil change because that light stays on until reset manually. If you forget to reset the oil change light, your ford focus will not be able to keep a track of the due oil changes.

All of the Ford Focus vehicles are equipped with smart oil life monitors that help the driver to keep a track of the distance covered.

As the oil change is based on the mileage covered, the purpose of tracking the distance is to let the driver know when the next oil change is coming and you have to pour best recommended motor oil without make any oil change related mistake.

The oil change reset of Ford Focus enables the driver to get a signal about the oil change by showing the oil change required light.

However, after you perform the oil change by pouring new engine oil, it doesn’t go back to 100% on its own, instead requires manual re tuning. So, here are the simple steps to reset oil change light Ford Focus.

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Ford Focus Oil Change Reset Process For 2014-2018(3rd Generation)

The third generation of the Ford Focus originally started from the year 2011 and lasted till the year 2018, in the United States marketplace.

The interesting part about the vehicles of this generation including 2014, and up to 2018, is that you can reset the oil change light differently.

For the 2018 Ford Focus oil change reset or for any other year in this generation, push the brake pedal and the gas pedal simultaneously. However, a step-by-step guide is listed below for the 2014 Ford Focus oil reset and so on:

Step 1: Insert the Key

Push the key in the ignition slot of your third-generation Ford Focus and turn the key just one time, until it reaches ON position.

For the Ford Focus vehicles that are not operated by the key, push the Engine Stop/Start knob once, without starting the car.

Step 2: Don’t Start the Engine 

Whether or not you have a keyless system for your car, don’t start the engine, just turn on the ignition.

In the keyless systems, you can turn the ignition ON without starting the engine if you don’t place your foot on the brake pedal. Whereas, with the key, simply don’t turn the key twice.

Step 3: Push Both Pedals at The Same Time

While keeping the ignition on and the engine off, push one of your feet on the brake pedal, while the other one on the accelerator pedal. You have to push both the pedals at the same time for nearly 20-25 seconds.

During that time, you will notice a message saying that the oil reset is in progress. The exact indication on the screen will be this: oil reset in prog. After 25 seconds, the screen displays another message which says; oil reset complete.

Final Step: Let Go of The Pedals

Once that message has been displayed, your job has been done. You can now remove the pressure for the pedals and let both of them go. As soon as you push your feet away from the pedals, the “oil reset complete” message disappears.

Turn off the ignition by either rotating the key backward or by pushing the button on your vehicle, and the oil change light is reset.

Ford Focus Oil Change Reset Process (For 4th Generation):

The Ford company stopped making Ford Focus for the US marketplace after the third generation. However, they launched the fourth generation of the Ford Focus in the year 2019 for the Asian and European regions.

From 2019, the Ford Focus vehicles use the same latest process which doesn’t include pressing any pedals for the reset. From 2019 Ford Focus, a digital system is used, with these steps:

Step 1: Turn the Ignition ON

For the Ford Focus cars that still use keys, rotate the key to the ON position. Whereas for the vehicles with push start options, press the start button once while keeping the clutch up.

Step 2: Find Settings

After turning the ignition on, find the Setting menu using the buttons on the side of the steering wheel.

On the fourth generation of Ford Focus, the Settings menu appears using the up and down arrow-like buttons with the OK button.

Step 3: Push the Menu Option

From the side buttons, press the three lines above the Menu button and a sub-menu will appear.

From the sub-menu that comes on, choose the information option and scroll down using the up and down buttons until you find the Oil Life option.

Final Step: Select Reset Oil Life

Then choose the Reset Oil Life display and press and hold the OK button on the steering wheel. Hold the button until you see a message saying reset successful on the screen.

Release the button and your oil light reset for the fourth generation of Ford Focus is completed.


1. How do you reset the maintenance light on a Ford Focus? 

To reset the maintenance light on a Ford Focus, push the ignition on without starting the engine.

Then hold both brake and gas pedals until the oil reset complete message shows up on the display of your car. Upon releasing the pressure from the pedals, the reset procedure is done.

2. How do I reset my ford focus?

You can reset the Ford Focus by pushing the accelerator and brake pads simultaneously for 20 seconds, after starting your vehicle. Remember, you have to start the car, not the engine for the reset to take place.

3. How often does ford focus need an oil change?

Ford experts suggest that you get an oil change for your Ford Focus models after around 3000-5000 miles distance if you use conventional oil. However, for synthetic oil, you can change it every 7000-10,000 miles.

4. How often should I service ford focus?

You should maintenance your Ford Focus vehicles after about two years or every 18,000 miles. However, there is no fixed time for all models, because they vary according to the vehicle requirements and driving conditions.


The Ford Focus engine oil change due message appears after every oil change, no matter the generation or the model of your vehicle.

With each new generation and the model of Ford Focus, the maintenance lights are getting more and more advanced. However, the main guidelines for re-tuning the oil change and other lights are pretty much the same.

So, whether you are looking for a 2014 Ford Focus oil change reset, 2016 Ford Focus oil reset, or any other, these instructions will come in handy.

The oil change intervals for different Ford vehicles vary depending on many factors. Therefore there is nothing to worry about a bit late or early emergence of the oil change light on your dashboard.

Get the necessary oil change for your respective model and reset the oil change light following this article. Good Luck!

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