How to Check the Oil Level in BMW 328i with no Dipstick

Checking your car's oil level is as important as checking fuel in the car if not more. When fuel is exhausted in a car, it simply stop moving and starts immediately after refilled. It damages the engine even after it is refilled.

When you get a BMW 328i model with no traditional dipstick to determine the oil level in the car, it becomes necessary to learn how to check oil in BMW 328i.

One of the most important ways of maintaining your car is to ensure the oil is adequate at all times to prevent the car engine from damage. For this, you should change your car oil periodically.

With no traditional dipstick in the BMW, checking the oil level in the car might be a challenge to its drivers.

Most BMW 328i models have no traditional dipstick to check oil level in the car.

How to Check Oil in BMW 328i:

Checking the oil level in your BMW, even if you have never done a BMW oil level check before will be a walk in the park if you follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Ignite your engine

The first thing to do when you want to check your car's oil level is to get the engine running by inserting the key in the ignition and pressing the start button.

This gets your engine warm, which is necessary before you can check your oil level accurately.

Step 2: Check your oil level

By the left side of your wheel, get the BC button beneath it, press the BC button inward, then scroll on the stack just beside the BC button.

The stack has several functions to check the oil level, servicing, car check beneath, etc., which are displayed on the screen. While moving the stack forward, when you get to the oil symbol, stop and press the BC button again.

A small clock appears moving round. This takes up to 3 minutes when the car is in a standstill and 5 minutes when the vehicle is in motion.

The oil level is displayed on the screen. There is a minimum and maximum level on it with a 1 litre standstill between the two marks.

After about 3minutes, the clock stops and shows +1l indicating that the oil is deficient, when the oil is on the minimum level. Press the start button again to put off the engine.

Step 3: Open the Engine Compartment

To fill the oil, open the engine compartment by pulling a handle in a car that raises the engine cover. Raise it a little, then use your fingers to push the hook backward to remove the pin that allows the engine compartment close firmly.

Step 4: Fill the Engine with Oil

Turn the cover of the oil section in an anti-clockwise direction to open the cover, it releases smoke because the engine was previously running.

Using a funnel, pour the oil a little at a time to avoid overfilling it until it's filled. Ensure you use the recommended oil.

Clean the drops that might be by the side before replacing the cover, replace the cover back and turn in anti-clockwise direction.

Close the engine compartment by lowering the cover gently until it reaches a distance of 25 inches before releasing it to ensure it closes firmly.

Step 5: Check the Oil Level Again 

Ignite the car again and press the BC button, then scroll the stack to check the oil level after filling it with oil.

Wait again for 3 minutes for it to read to give an accurate measurement. The oil change light now on the maximum level showing the oil is adequate.

How to Check BMW Oil Level with the Dipstick

Usually, some people find it difficult to locate the dipstick in the engine compartment even after checking the manual.

Since 2007 cars released by BMW has dipstick. Dipstick were found in model prior to or 2006. The following are models of BMW with dipstick.

BMW E36 1990-2000

BMW E38 1994-2001

BMW E39 1995-2003

BMW E46 1998-2006

BMW E53(X5) 1999-2006

BMW Z3 1995-2002

BMW Z8 2000-2003

These models were released before 2006 and has dipstick for checking the car oil level.

Most car model has its dipstick located at the left side of the car's engine. The handle is made of plastic which is circular in shape and usually yellow in color. The plastic handle connect to a long thin metal used to check the oil level.

To check the oil level using a dipstick, you have to pull it out. When the oil level is between the two dipstick marks, it is roughly 1litre.

Avoid overfilling the engine beyond the upper dipstick mark. This is to prevent causing harm to the engine. It is recommended you fill the oil 1 liter at a time to avoid overfilling.

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1. How Often Should You Check Your Oil level?

You must check your oil level regularly. BMW oil should be checked and topped after covering 200km or 125 miles distance.

This is to ensure your engine functions effectively and prevent damage that might result from oil shortage or complete lack of oil in the engine.

BMW 328i oil level check is not a technical skill and every one should be able to do it.

2. How Do I Know When my BMW Needs an Oil Change?

BMW oil checker designed with an electronic sensor allows you to check your oil level with ease without taking a step out of your car. You can see the level of oil in your vehicle displayed on the screen with the amount of oil it needs to reach the maximum level.

3. What Happens when if you forget to change Oil in your vehicle

It is important you change your oil regularly. When you forget to change your car's oil, it becomes dirty or finishes in the engine, making no oil available to lubricate the engine as it works.

This can render the car engine faulty, which will require an expert to be repaired. Or it might become damaged entirely and need to be replaced.


If you are driving a BMW car for the first time, searching for a traditional dipstick is unnecessary. This has been replaced with an electronic dipstick with a sensor. The BMW oil checker makes the BMW 238i oil check easy.

If you are wondering to check oil level in BMW 328i, simply follow the steps given above. That is why the BMW 328i oil checker is designed for easy checking of oil level within the confine of your car.

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