How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Accord 2003-Present

The Honda Accord speaks class for itself and surely stands out from its competitors. Everyone might have a simple maintenance question that almost every newbie Accord owner has and that is, how to reset oil light on Honda accord?

Well, since Honda has been producing the car since the ’70s, it varies from model to model. However, there is nothing to worry about since Accord’s impressive user-friendliness makes everything easy.

The first generation of Accord dates back to 1976 and ever since then there have been 10 generations of Honda Accord in production.

Models produced after 2003 indicate low oil levels on the Honda maintenance minder located right under the speed meter.

Once you pour the best recommended oil on your Honda Accord, you have to reset oil light on Honda Accord. Since resetting the oil allows you to keep track of your Car’s oil level.

How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Accord:

Well, if you are someone that gets their Accord maintained from an official Honda dealership. Then you don’t have to worry about the oil light reset.

However, if you fill the oil on your Honda Accord from a local workshop or do it yourself. Then you must have knowledge about the oil life reset on Honda Accord.

The oil life reset varies from generation to generation, so you might want to scroll a bit to find the technique for your respective category.

Reset Oil Light Honda Accord: 2003-2005 (7th Generation)

To reset oil percentage on the 7th generation is a little difficult. However, it has just got a little trick to it that can easily be mastered.

Step 1

Insert your key and turn on your 7th generation Honda Accord. Wait for a few seconds and check the meter to see if the ‘maintenance required’ light is on. This is the light you want to reset after your oil change.

Step 2

To reset the maintenance required light, find the dimmer/switch located on the bottom right of the meter. Once found turn off the ignition and take your key out.

Step 3

Press and hold the button and insert your key simultaneously. While holding the button turn your key once so that you hear a click. Wait for a second and turn the key to start the ignition.

Final Step

Once the ignition is turned on, keep holding the button for 10 seconds. The maintenance required light will then be turned off, thus indicating that the oil life percentage is now reset.

Reset Oil Life Honda Accord: 2006 – 2007 (7th Generation)

The answer on how to reset oil light on Honda Accord 2006 and 2007 is pretty easy, while these two models belong to the 7th generation, resetting their oil is a little easier.

Step 1

Insert your key and turn on the car. Wait for a few seconds until the maintenance display starts to show up under the speed meter.

Step 2

Once the service display shows up. Keep pressing the button to the bottom right of the speed meter until the maintenance meter displays oil life percentage.

Step 3

Once the meter displays the oil life, press and hold the button for 15 seconds, and wait until the maintenance meter starts flashing.

Final Step

As soon as the meter stops flashing, the oil life will reset to 100 percent. Press the button once again for the maintenance display to stop showing oil life.

Oil Light Reset Honda Accord: 2008 – 2012 (8th Generation) 

The 8th generation of Accord offers a much-detailed speed meter and dashboard, thus reset oil light Honda Accord 8th generation is also pretty easy.

Step 1

Insert the key and turn on your 8th generation Honda Accord. You will a wrench-shaped red light notifying for low oil levels. Wait for a few seconds until the maintenance meter display starts to show up under the speed meter.

Step 2

Find the button on the bottom right side of the km/h meter. Once found press and hold the button for a few seconds until the maintenance meter starts to flash

Step 3

Stop pressing the button for a second and then continue pressing it. The car will now display the oil percentage as 100%.

Oil Light Reset Honda Accord: 2013 – 2017 (9th Generation) 

The 9th generation of Accord came in 2013, it has a revolutionary design. However, the technique of resetting oil levels remains the same.

Step 1

Press the start button located on the right side of the steering wheel and just turn on the ignition. The 9th generation unlike the previous generations has a start button rather than a key.

Step 2

Once the car is started, locate a button on the bottom right side of the meter. Then use it to cycle through different displays until you see the oil percentage display on your maintenance meter.

Step 3

Press and hold the button until the oil life percentage display starts to blink. Once it starts to blink leave the button

Step 4

Press and hold the button once again, the oil life percentage will now be displayed as 100 percent.

Oil Life Reset Honda Accord: 2018 – 2020 (10th Generation)

The 10th generation of Honda Accord is much more towards the technological side. This generation offers button control and digital screens thus allowing you to reset oil light with just a click.

Step 1

Push the button on the steering wheel’s left side, that is called the home button. Once on the home screen, use the roll bar to scroll through until you reach the maintenance option and select it.

Step 2

Once selected the maintenance option will show the oil level, push the roll bar to go to the maintenance reset option.

Step 3

Once inside the maintenance reset option, you can use the roll bar to change between the maintenance option you want to reset. Each maintenance option has a unique code name such as transmission fluid and spark plugs.

The code name for oil light reset Honda Accord is ‘item A’. There is also an option to reset all of the settings. However, you don’t want to do that since individually checking each option is the correct way to go.

Final Step

Select the item A reset option, and you will see that your oil level will be at 100%. This indicates that the oil life has been reset on your Honda accord 2018.

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1. How do you reset the maintenance light on Honda accord?

This depends upon the generation and the model year of your car. All of the models below 2018 require a push and hold of a button located on the right side of the meter.

Whereas for models 2018-2020, it can be changed by going into the maintenance reset settings of the device using steering buttons.

 2. How does Honda’s Oil life work? 

Almost all vehicles by Honda offer great oil life but that generally does depend upon conditions such as speed, time, temperature and climate, etc. Vehicles by Honda also offer a pretty simple oil maintenance reminder system.

3. Can you still drive with 0% oil life? 

Well, the answer is a clear ‘no’, since driving or even starting your car at 0% oil level means you are creating friction in its engine.

Friction will lead to the engine heating up or even failing sometimes thus causing permanent damage to your vehicle.

4. How far can you drive on 5% oil life? 

Well, though driving your car at a 5% oil level is not suggested. However, a 5% oil level can carry you for a few hundred miles.

5. At what percentage should I change my Honda accord oil? 

Experts recommend that you change the oil of your Honda accord at around 15% to stay on the safe side. However, there is nothing wrong if you wait till the oil levels reach 10% for getting an oil change.

6. Does Honda recommend synthetic oil? 

Honda’s vehicles have never really made it necessary for its users to use synthetic oil. Honda mostly suggests users use a synthetic blend of oil, which is a combination of synthetic and conventional oils.


Honda Accord is surely one fine vehicle, which offers not only comfort, speed, and style but is also reliable. If you have the privilege to own and drive one, then you surely should take care of it.

An important aspect of taking care of your car is to never let its oil percentage go down. Since oil for an engine is what’s food for us, it keeps the engine lubricated and healthy furthermore a regular oil checkup limits the possibilities of your engine getting a bigger problem.

Oil Life Reset on Honda Accord is also important after each change so that you can track the correct percentage and change accordingly.

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