How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Odyssey

Owning a good old Honda Odyssey is not less than a privilege with its unmatched comfort and modern technology.

Its advanced warning lights system indicates several different things, such as the engine oil levels and when the oil life is ending.

Honda Odyssey which is now one of the top-selling minivans in America was originally manufactured in Japan.

The first generation of the Honda Odyssey was launched in 1994 in Japan and since then four more generations of this gem have been manufactured.

The light for oil life on your Honda indicates when the engine oil needs to be changed. This light does not turn off on its own even when you change the oil for your Honda Odyssey, so you have to reset oil change light manually.

How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Odyssey: 2005 – 2010(3rd Generation) -EX-L, DX, LX, and EX Models

When you take your Honda Odyssey for an oil change, they reset its oil life, but for a DIY oil change, you have to do it yourself. So oil life reset Honda Odyssey for different models and generations is advisable:

Step 1

Put the key into the ignition slot on your Honda Odyssey and turn it to the ‘II’ mark, which is the ‘ON’ position. Then look for the RESET/SELECT button near the speedometer and push it until you can see the ‘oil life’ display.

Step 2

Once you see the oil life indicator, it is time to hold the RESET/SELECT button for around 10 seconds. Within ten seconds the maintenance code indicator and the oil life will blink, then release the button.

Step 3

As soon as both indicators blink, press the RESET/SELECT button again immediately and you will notice your oil life display showing 100% oil life. When you reset the oil life to 100%, the maintenance codes disappear from the display.

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Reset Oil Life Honda Odyssey 2005 – 2010 (3rd Generation)-Touring Models

Step 1

Just like the other models, the first thing is to insert the key in the ignition hole and turn it all the way to the ON position. On the steering wheel, push the SEL/RESET knob until you can see the oil life display indication.

Step 2

Press the SEL/RESET knob and hold it for about ten seconds for the CUSTOM SETUP indicator to appear on the display. As this indicator appears, release the SEL/RESET nob.

Step 3

When the CUSTOM SETUP comes on press the SEL/RESET knob for a couple of seconds and the oil life display will change from the previous reading to 100%.

Step 4

If you change your mind to reset the oil life, you can go back to the normal oil life display by canceling the CUSTOM SETUP. For this, push the INFO button on the steering wheel of your touring model Honda Odyssey.

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Reset Oil Light Honda Odyssey 2011 – 2017 (4th Generation) 

Step 1 

Insert the key in your Honda Odyssey 4th generation and switch the ignition to ON position, you don’t need to start the car.

Step 2

Locate the SELECT/RESET button behind the steering wheel and push it three to four times. Keep pressing the knob until the oil life indicator shows up on the information display.

Step 3

Once you have performed the oil change and all the maintenance of your Honda Odyssey, you can reset the oil life. For this, use the SELECT/RESET knob to select the ‘oil life’ option from the display.

Step 4

Then press and hold the SELECT/RESET knob to change the oil life display to reset mode. Pressing the button for 20 seconds does the job.

In the Honda Odyssey models with multi-information display, instead of the SELECT/RESET knob, you have to select the ‘oil life’ using the two triangular marked buttons.

Final Step

Push the same button again and your oil life will be reset and changed into a new reading of 100%.

At this stage, all the maintenance pointers will disappear from view. For canceling the oil life reset Honda Odyssey process, select the CANCEL option and push the SELECT/RESET button.

Reset oil Life Honda Odyssey 2018 – 2021 (5th Generation)

On the 5th generation of Honda Odyssey, the Maintenance Minder information displays oil life along with other service indicators. All of them can be displayed and reset using these steps:

Step 1

Insert the key in the ignition switch and turn the power to the ON position. Then on the left side of the steering wheel, look for the ENTER button in the middle of four tiny buttons.

Step 2

Push the ENTER button repeatedly until you see the home screen lit up. Using the up and down keys on the steering wheel toggle down to the maintenance indicator (it has a small wrench on it).

Step 3

When you see the Maintenance indicator, select it by pressing the ENTER button. Then from the maintenance menu, again using the triangular up and down buttons, select ‘oil life’ and press the ENTER button.

Step 4

After the oil change and the service of your Honda Odyssey, press and hold the ENTER button for nearly ten seconds. Doing this will change the oil life normal display to reset mode.

Final Step

Push the ENTER button again and the oil life will be reset to 100%. If you want to reset other items as well along with the oil life of your Honda Odyssey, go back to the maintenance menu.

From there select ‘All due items’ or any other item you want to retune and push the ENTER button for a few seconds and they will be reset.

Why Does the Maintenance Light Come On 

The main goal of the maintenance light turning on is to keep the drivers up-to-date with the regular maintenance requirements for their vehicle. The maintenance light includes services like oil change, getting new tires, and checking spark plugs, etc.

The maintenance light tells the driver when and which service his/her car needs for it to perform at an optimum level. If the driver is keeping a track of the services and oil changes then there are low chances that this light will turn on.

But in vehicles with neglected regular maintenance, that light stays on until the driver gets the services and resets the light.

How to Reset the Oil Maintenance Light on Honda 

The oil maintenance light on the Honda vehicles is reset by the Honda technicians after regular maintenance services or oil change.

But those who perform all those services and oil changes at home, get to reset the oil maintenance light on their own.

For this, first of all, insert the key in the ignition switch and turn it once, to the ON position. Then depending on which Honda car or minivan model you have, look out for the RESET/SELECT knob on the dashboard or ENTER button on the steering wheel.

Most modern Honda models have ENTER button on the left side of the steering, press it repeatedly until you see a small wrench icon on the home screen.

In the case of the RESET/SELECT knob, you have to press that button to select the oil maintenance indicator.

In old Honda models press you have to press and hold the RESET button until the oil maintenance light blinks and then it is reset.

Whereas, in the models with ENTER button, scroll down to the reset option using the up and down buttons and press ENTER again.

This will change the oil maintenance indicator to 100%, pointing that it has been reset.


1. How Do You Reset the Oil Light on A Honda?

To reset the oil light on a Honda, you have to turn the ignition on and then look for the RESET or Enter button from the dashboard. Push that button to find the oil life indicator and press and hold to reset the oil light.

2. How Long Will 15% Oil Life Last?

15% of the oil life means that your engine oil has been used up to 85%, and it won’t drive more than 1000 miles.

15% oil life does not mean that your vehicle cannot be driven anymore or is unsafe to drive, it simply means that it needs a regular service.

3. Why Is My Maintenance Required Light on After Oil Change?

The maintenance required light acts as a reminder for the driver to get a regular service for their car.

It stays on even after an oil change if the person who changed the oil or performed maintenance service forgot to reset it. If it is still on after the reset then take it to a mechanic.

4. Is 10 Percent Oil Life Bad?

10% oil life or even the 0% oil life does not necessarily mean that your engine oil or car is bad. It simply indicates that it is about time to get a regular oil change for your car.

The meaning of 10% oil life is the need for an oil change and service immediately.


With advanced technology, a high-performance engine, and a spacious cabin, Honda Odyssey is a vehicle worth considering for your family. Honda Odyssey oil change reset is also very basic and easy.

Despite the physical and technological modifications in each generation of Honda Odyssey, there are hardly any differences in their oil life reset procedure.

Even if you didn’t do your own oil change you can still reset the oil life using the simple steps mentioned above.

The oil life of Honda Odyssey or any other vehicle is to keep the driver on track for regular care and oil change. So, be aware of the oil maintenance light on your car, and don’t forget to reset it after pouring the oil.

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