Motul vs Liqui Moly: Which One is the Best?

Which company provides you best engine oils: Motul or Liqui Moly? Choosing the best among these two brands is really perplexing, but you need to comprehend the attributes of these companies.

It would be great to know that Motul oil is recognized as “The specialist in synthetic lubricants” globally. The company ensures better quality and innovation with the help of a wide range of its products.

Liqui Moly, a highly specialized company in engine oils, lubricants, and additives, was founded in 1957. By developing a huge range of products, it became one of Germany's leading producers of engine oils.

Motor oils are considered as the vital component for any cars. Because, it cool down your engine, keep it clean by removing microscopic deposits, protect your engine from corrosion, and form a layer around the pistons to seal them.

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Thus, you can guarantee a longer lifespan and make sure that the engine is running properly. Also, it reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Both brands are uniquely meeting customers’ needs, but you should know how they are actually different from each other. At the end, the choice is yours.

Liqui Moly vs Motul: Quick Overview

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Motul vs Liqui Moly: Detailed Comparison

In 1853, the company Motul emerged through the smoke and roots set in the whale oil business. Later on, with constant innovation, it became the first enterprise to manufacture the right oil for the right purpose.

Motul 8100 X-clean EFE 5W-30 Synthetic Oil 5 Liters (109471), 5 l, 1 Pack
  • Meets demanding oil requirements set by OEM manufacturers
  • Synthetic oil with wear protection and high temp resistance
  • Recommendations from Honda, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru, and...
  • Approvals: BMW LL-04, GM dexos2, MB-Approval 229. 52, VW 505 01
  • Extra Fuel Economy (EFE) lubricant, perfect balance of efficiency...

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On the other hand, Liqui Moly is meeting customers’ needs with outstanding quality, a higher level of dynamics, and pure feelings.

Liqui Moly 2041 Premium 5W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil - 5 Liter
  • The Lubro-Moly Synthoil High Tech 5W-40 Motor Oil is a fully...
  • The Lubro-Moly Synthoil High Tech 5W-40 Motor Oil saves fuel and...
  • Good for extended oil change intervals and the highest demands
  • Package Dimensions: 10.312 L x 31.496 H x 24.892 W (centimeters)

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Read further to know.


Motul is a French company that manufactures, develops, and distributes oils or lubricants for different engines and industries. The Motul synthetic engine oils are considered excellent engines oils and reduce fuel consumption.

The oils help in cleaning the engine and preventing the building up of heat. If you’re going to use 5w40 synthetic feature, it will ultimately result in a reduction of wear on the engine.

Motul 8100 X-Cess 5W-40 Synthetic Oil 5 Liters (102870)
  • One of the most popular and trusted synthetic oils
  • Motul partners with endurance racing teams to refine formula
  • Standards: ACEA A3 / B4, API SN / CF
  • Approvals: BMW LL-01, Porsche A40, MB-Approval 229. 5, VW 502 00...
  • High temperature high shear stability and very low volatility

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Your engine will be started earlier and will show high performance.

The 10W40 engine oils have thicker viscosity which helps lubricate the older moving parts in high mileage engines. It is less likely to leak. The oil is appropriate for engines with high oil temperatures.

Motul 7100 4T 10W-40 Synthetic Oil 1 Liter (104091)
  • Ester Core technology offers improved engine protection,...
  • Excellent for sport bikes, street bikes and off-road bikes
  • Low sulfur and phosphorus formula for bikes fitted with catalytic...
  • Meets the following standards: API SN and JASO MA2. Backwards...
  • Proprietary extreme pressure formula to protect the gearbox

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The chances of thermal breakdown are less with this viscosity grade. Talking about the Motul 7100 10W40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, it is formulated to meet the newest motorcycle manufacturer specification.

It ensures optimum clutch performance at start-up, acceleration, and full speed.

Another product with the same viscosity grade is Motul 300V 10W40 Fully Synthetic Oil ensures maximum power output without compromising reliability. It offers good thermal resistance and stability

Liqui Moly is a German company specialized in oils, lubricants, and additives. The company offers the most suitable motor oil for every vehicle in the world.

The cold start behavior of oil is better with improved wear characteristics. Looking at Liqui Moly oil review, Liqui Moly 5w40 oils offer high performance, low friction, year-round use.

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In the engine oils, base oils with additives are added as an important component of typical engine oil. All products have different compositions and properties of oils.

After determining the concentration of base oil molecules, the suitability of base oil is determined.

Motul is greatly known for its excellence in ester technology and uses the best in base stock technology varying upon application.

It incorporates organic or synthetic bases in its oils. It also uses Easter, PAO, and a small combination of Group III base stocks.

On the other side, Liqui Moly base oils include mineral, synthetic and hydrocracked oil.


Each engine oil has a different formulation and properties to ensure optimal temperature. Companies, Liqui Moly versus Motul oils have unique specifications.

As an example, you can consider Motul 7100 20w50 petrol engine oil for bikes; it meets the latest manufactures’ specifications in terms of standards (JASO and API), oil consumption, and fuel economy.

Liqui moly avails different types of engine oils with unique specifications to meet the needs of high-performing engines.

Key features

The role of engine oil is immense for the functioning and performance of the engine. The oils of both companies, Motul and Liqui Moly, are enriched with numerous features listed as follows:-

  • Inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Reduce friction
  • Reduce impurities
  • Act as coolant
  • Protect moving parts
  • Oxidation stability
  • Thermal stability


Your engine oil comes with many noticeable benefits and drawbacks. Oil is crucial to ensure the smooth running of engines, decreasing fuel emission and ultimately boosting the engine’s performance.

Motul engine oils are mid-performing oils and are considered good for smooth riding. For example, Motul 7100 20W50 offers perfect viscosity and may work for up to 7500km.

Liqui Moly oil provide high-performing engine oil to ensure full technical assistance. It manufactures several synthetic blend engine oils that are considered best in performance.

Lasting power

The lasting power of oils significantly depends upon the viscosity of oil, which tends to break down due to heat, friction, daily wear and tear, and many other factors.

On average, new cars using synthetic oils would last 7-10 K miles. We are talking about Motul 20w50, which is fully synthetic and can work up to 7500km without any issues depending upon the newness of the engine.

The storage of oils plays a crucial role in maintaining the durability of the entire content.

Depending upon the manufacturer’s specifications, the Liqui Moly oil change interval might be up to 30,000/50,000km (for every two years for low mileage drivers).

Viscosity grade

The viscosity grade of engine oils determines how easily the oil will flow. The first number ends with W, which stands for winter. The second number denotes how the oil will flow at high temperatures normal engine operating temperature.

For example, the 5w30 will probably flow easily than 10w-30 as it is thinner. Motul provides a large grade range to cater to every application and Rider preference.

Motul 8100 and Motul 300V both have viscosity grades, 0w-20, 0w-40, 5w-40, 10w-40. Liqui Moly is also availing engine oils of viscosities grades 0w40, 5w-40, 10w-50, 15w50, and so on.


Motor oils are responsible for lubricating your engine, preventing the metal parts from rubbing, creating friction, and more heat. Engines oils help in lowering the temperature of the engine by absorbing and transferring some amount elsewhere.

Motul high-performing lubrication products are the ideal solution for critical applications under extreme conditions. While the Liqui Moly oils are also useful in extremely high temperatures, the lubricating film doesn’t rupture.

The pros and cons of Motul 7100 20w50 and Liqui Moly 20W50 Street Synthetic Technology Oil is listed as follows:-

Motul 7100 20w50 Pros and cons

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It is obvious pros and cons are associated with each other. Here we’ll be talking about Motul and Liqui Moly engines oils having the same viscosity grade.


  • Ensures cleaner engine
  • Withstands high temperature
  • Forms protective layer on parts
  • Offers high performance
  • Longer change interval


  • Highly-priced compared to others
  • It may not suit shorter rides

Liqui Moly 20w50 Street Synthetic Technology Oil Pros and Cons

Liqui Moly 20064 Motorbike 4T 20W-50 Street Engine Oil - 4 Liter
  • Universal application, high lubricant-film stability and...
  • High shear and ageing stability low evaporation loss and oil...
  • Outstanding cleaning and dispersion properties, prevents black...
  • Mixable with all commercially available engine oils, tested for...
  • Suitable for wet clutches

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The pros and cons of Liqui Moly 20W50 Street Synthetic Technology Oil is listed as follows:-


  • Ensure optimum performance
  • Protects engine
  • Reliable lubrication
  • Optimum noise damping


  • High price

Customer reviews

As per customer reviews, the Motul oils will result in reduced engine vibration and increased refinement. The oil will offer improved mid-range torque.

The oils reduce overheating by the engine. You will notice a strong pull while accelerating, which is the effect of using good-quality oil.

Moving to Liqui Moly oils, it offers optimum lubrication, outstanding engine cleanliness, and excellent friction, according to customer’s reviews.

Price comparison

Along with the qualities of engine oils, the prices also vary. The synthetic engine offers enhanced performance as they are manufactured with advanced chemical processes.

This is the reason why synthetic engines oils are expensive than conventional engine oils.

Both Motul and Liqui Moly engine oils are reasonably priced depending upon the oil type, constituent, viscosity grade, and other qualities.


1. How good is Motul engine oil?

Motul engine oils are satisfactory. If you purchase Motul 7100 with viscosity 20W50, it would be the best engine oil for bikes above 150cc.

The oils are designed with perfect synergy for less oil consumption, reducing engine internal friction, and extreme pressure performance for more power.

2. Which Motul oil is best?

Motul 7100 with viscosity 20W50 is considered the best engine oil for bikes above 150cc. You will notice the effects through changing of engine’s sounds.

Shifting gear will become an easy task. Performance is drastically improved, causing little vibration.

3. How long does Motul 5100 last?

Motul 5100 High-performance oil is semi-synthetic oil. In generic conditions, you can use semi-synthetic engine oil up to 3000 to 4000 km. If you are using a bike regularly, you might need to change oil for every 3000km or 3500km.

4. Is Liqui Moly good for Volkswagen?

Liqui Moly oils are designed to perform over a range of temperatures and are seen around the world during all four seasons. Their lubrication technology is optimal for Volkswagen.

5. How long does Motul oil last?

Motul oils last longer; however, they go past their best after five years. The thing to note here are extreme temperatures can affect oils differently.

Too much hot and thermal breakdown ultimately can reduce the viscosity of oil, which increases oil consumption. Oxidation may also impact oil.

6. Why can’t you go back to regular oils after synthetic?

When compared to regular oils, synthetic oils are high-performing. It performs at a wide of temperatures.

Other benefits that come with synthetic oils include a clean engine, reduced sludge buildup, improved fuel economy, and many more.


Motul and Liqui Moly offer a wide range of engine oils with different viscosity grades. Both these companies avail the right motor oils for every vehicle in the world.

If you don’t incorporate good oil, your engine may start losing efficiency. They offer great additives to safeguard the engine and decrease fuel consumption.

You have to find appropriate engine oil to successfully reduce friction and wear, form seal, prevent corrosion, and dampen the shock.

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