Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Royal Purple: Perfect Comparison

Motor oil is like a life jacket to the engines. Only the excellent quality motor oils keep the engines running strong without worrying about the oil change. 

People only think of changing the vehicle's oil when the former oil is liable to reduce their driving experiences. Both Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Royal purple provides good oil performance.

But Is royal purple oil good? is the big concern for vehicle owner. However, making the appropriate choice for your needs can be puzzling.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Royal Purple: Quick Overview

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil (5-Quart, Single Pack)
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  • Improved Compatibility With Fuels Containing Ethanol

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How to Choose Between Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Royal Purple?

You probably have been quenching your thirst from various sources like product reviews, online forums, word of mouth, rating websites, etc. Yet, it has been challenging for you when it comes to buy the best motor oil.

This step-by-step guide can help you decide for yourself which one is more promising and give you the answer of the top notch question, is Pennzoil good oil?

All the factors that you need to consider when buying an engine oil include the car's manufacturer, driving environment, type of oils (mineral or synthetic), and cost and viscosity grade.

Step 1: Learn About Them Individually

Before making a choice between them, first, let's get to know about what is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum & Royal Purple.

These are two of the best choices for oil brands globally. But why are they so popular? Because they have a good history of providing the best engine's oil quality for many years. You can go with both of them without any doubt.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum oil is best for racing cars that need more horsepower. They have low viscosity at low temperatures. It has passed severe oxidative testing and has better viscosity control.

Royal purple oil is the best investment for rotary engines. They show improved compatibility with fuels containing ethanol.

Step 2: Look For the Base

All oils are produced from some base. The nature of these base oils is described by the quality of key features such as viscosity, specific gravity, flash point, and pour point.

It must be appropriate for the application and temperature range. Therefore, always look for the base when choosing the engine oil.

When making a choice between the given two oils, choose the fully synthetic one as they are derived from natural gas.

Whereas group 3 is made from (crude oil) petroleum. These oils are hydrocracked, meaning higher pressure and heat. Moreover, both oils are infused with different groups of the base.

However, Pennzoil is probably from group 3 or 4 and cheaper than other oils. Many people don't find it attractive, but they don't know that Royal purple also has the same base.

Royal purple is currently the best seller oil for synthetic oils. People think it is made from group 4 (PAO) or group 5, but this oil is also from group 3.

Thus, both are fully synthetic oils and will have the same key features.

Step 3: Examine Product’s Performance

Both of these motor oils will not give you any bad experience as they have performance additives. They offer sludge protection.

If you are previously using convenient or cheaper oils, then they are overall great options. You will feel a noticeable improvement in your engine's working.

Pay attention to the one that matches your vehicle's requirements. It is based on various experiences.

some people find Pennzoil a good option for their vehicles as it makes them run smoothly at a convenient cost. However, none of these oils are cheaper, but Pennzoil is less costly than its competitors.

Look at the other properties that play a huge role in their performance. For instance, fuel efficiency, better catalytic system's protection, corrosion protection, quality & durability, oil rating with viscosity grade, longevity, and synthetic nature.

Step 4: Focus On Lasting Power

Lasting ability or power is another main point to note. In this regard, Royal purple is considered a better option than Pennzoil Ultra Platinum since it shows extended longevity.

You can run your car easily up to 12,000 miles using Royal purple Oil. You need to change the oil only once or twice a year because of its higher lasting ability.

In contrast, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum can last up to 10,000 miles in an efficient vehicle.

Step 5: Compare their Price

Price is the main factor when considering a reliable motor oil. Pennzoil Ultra platinum is less expensive than royal purple.

However, not to forget that Royal Purple has longer durability than the former one. It's all up to you whether you want to sacrifice performance for the price.

But it is recommended to always look for what goes longer. Performance should not be compromised, and both brands are of high performance.

If you want to be on the middle ground with a good price, choose Pennzoil Ultra Platinum.

On the other hand, if you're going to run your vehicle for a longer period and don't want to replace the oil frequently, then Royal Purple is the suitable choice.

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1. Is Royal Purple The Best Oil?

There is no problem in saying that Royal Purple is the best synthetic oil that can extend your car's life. It will make you feel less tired since you don't need to change your vehicle's oil thrice a year now.

Just change it once a year or maximum twice. As you know, the best items don't sell cheaply, so yes, it gives the best performance for any average vehicle.

Your ride will be less noisy and fussy, even on cold days. What else do you want than a smooth ride?

2. Is Pennzoil Ultra Better Than Platinum?

Both are synthetic oils with a similar base. Yet, the only difference lies in the engine compatibility and the way they keep the engine clean.

The platinum oil keeps the pistons 40% clean, where the Ultra platinum keeps your car's piston cleaner. It is because it has additives to improve performance (as the name indicates "ultra").

3. How Many Miles Is Royal Purple Good For?

It is recommended to increase oil changing intervals to a maximum of 12,000 miles for normal driving conditions. Isn't it amazing?


So, you have realized the importance of motor oil now. Always buy a synthetic oil that can withstand higher temperature degrees than regular oils.

Both are fully synthetic oils with a viscosity grade of 5W-30. Thus, providing better wear protection for your engine. They can prevent loss of power with better fuel economy.

Under all conditions like extreme heat, they offer faster low-temperature oil flow. Crystal clear oils with fewer impurities are suitable for all cars, truck gasoline, turbocharged engines, and SUVs.

In addition, they have undergone the API as well for safety.

However, both have some pros and cons. The main advantage of Royal Purple oil is that it has a longer lifespan than other oils. In comparison, the main advantage of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is its cost-effectiveness.

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