Reset Lexus Oil Light: Why It is Required?

Are you wondering why the oil maintenance light is still illuminating even after you have changed the oil? Well, you can reset the oil maintenance Lexus ES 350 at home with the help of this article.

Modern vehicles including your Lexus are equipped with some manner of maintenance reminder. There are several indicator lights when something is not right, and the oil change light is one of the important indicators.

It illuminates on Lexus every 3000-5000 miles. The maintenance light indicates the need for a 5000-mile service.

Basic maintenance includes engine oil change, filter change, tire rotation, fluid adjustment, and inspection. Moreover, don’t confuse the “maintenance required” light with the “check engine” icon.

The car’s odometer reading lets you know when the motor oil needs changing. Now you have carried out all the necessary services and the oil change light is still glowing.

This article includes the process of how to reset the Lexus oil light in IS 250/350, RX 330/350/400h/200t, GS 350, and ES 350.

Reset Lexus Oil Light For IS 250/350 (2006-2013) & RX 330:

Since engine oil is not meant to live forever so the maintenance oil keeps reminding the car owner to have the necessary Lexus serviced. If you see a little light or message pop up on your vehicle’s dashboard, it’s time to change the oil.

Even when the used oil has been drained and new oil added, the oil maintenance required Lexus light won’t turn off on its own.

Here are complete step-by-step instructions on resetting the Lexus maintenance light. Although the basic procedure is similar, the steps may vary from model to mode. Lexus maintenance required a reset within less than five minutes only.

Turn on the ignition

One position from starting the engine, press the POWER button two times. You just need to turn the ignition on without starting the car.

Flip the odometer/trip to show the “ODO” mode

Bring up the odometer reading by pressing the odometer/trip knob on the instrument panel. Press it until the ODO reading is showing. Then turn the ignition off by pressing the POWER button once.

Hold the ODO/TRP button

While turning the car again, press the ODO/TRP button at the same time. Just click the POWER button twice along with the TRIP reset button.

Hold ODO/TRP button until six dashes are displayed

Keep holding down the button until you see six dashes in the bottom display. Each of them will be blinked off until the odometer displays 000000. Now, the reset is complete.

Verify the reset

Start the engine and verify that the maintenance indicator has been reset.

Reset Lexus Oil Light For IS250:

Here is what you can do and learn how to reset IS 250 oil light in just three minutes. Follow these easy steps to reset your 2015 Lexus IS250 or IS350 oil change service light.

Turn the ignition on

Without starting the car, turn on the ignition by pressing the “START” button twice. You don’t need to step on the brake and take your foot off the pedal.

You can reset maintenance on Lexus through the cluster screen and directional buttons on the steering wheel in the 2014-2016 generation.

Press the button ❏ on your steering wheel

Next, you need to find and press the button ❏ on your steering rim. It will move the display over to the right.

Find the Settings

Go to find the settings using the controls on the right side of the steering wheel. When you get to the settings then click ENTER on that.

Select “YES” on the Maintenance System

Okay now scroll down towards Maintenance System and press enter on that. Just select YES to initiate the maintenance data reset. And, turn the ignition off.

Reset Lexus Oil Light For 2016-2021 Lexus RX 350/450h/200t:

Let’s move to reset the maintenance warning light on your Lexus RX.

  • Turn on the ignition without starting the vehicle by pressing the button twice.
  • Scroll in the right direction with the navigation key to find the Settings.
  • After that, keep going down until you find VEHICLE SETTINGS. Here you will click on the center key.
  • Again scroll down to find Schedule or Oil Maintenance and click the center key.
  • You will be asked to reset the data and then select YES.

The process is also applicable to reset oil maintenance Lexus ES 350 from the latest generation.

reset oil maintenance Light For lexus gS 350:

Perform the following easy step to reset oil maintenance required on LEXUS GS 350

  • Place the key in the ignition and press the key-on/engine-off position. It is one position forward in the ignition without running the engine.
  • Click the “DISP” switch and turn the multi-formation display to blank.
  • Switch the ignition off.
  • Meanwhile, hold down the “Trip meter reset” button and turn the ignition switch on again (one click before starting the engine).
  • Keep holding the button until the “oil mileage reset” message starts displaying. Basically, the warning light appears with a warning sound to inform you that the oil light has been reset. And, in this way the reset is completed.
  • Start the engine and assure that the warning light has been reset.

Note: Most of the steps are similar to previous generations for Lexus oil maintenance required to reset. However, it is just that the locations of the keys are different on different models. Read your vehicle’s manual instructions for more clarity.


1. How Do You Check The Oil Life On A Lexus?

Pop the hood and locate the “oil” named dipstick handle. Remove and clean the oil off with a rag, and then reinsert it. Determine the low oil level if the dipstick shows a reading below the lowest line.

2. How Do You Reset the Maintenance Light on Lexus Nx200t?

Turn the ignition switch on without running the engine. Enter the main menu through a key on the steering wheel. Here, choose a multi-information display through the navigation button.

Click the CENTER button and select YES when the confirmation reset message appears.

3. How Often Do You Have To Change The Oil In A Lexus?

Depending on the type of lubricants, the Lexus recommends an oil change interval every 5000 to 7000 miles.

4. How Much Oil Does 2015 Lexus Is250 Take?

The oil capacity depends on the size of the engine and the type of oil. Most engines take oil anywhere between 5 to 8 quartz. A 2015 Lexus is250 takes about 6.6 quartz oil.

5. Why Is My Oil Light On But I Have Oil?

The oil light does not go away on its own even after you have carried out the necessary services. Your dealer may not reset it after changing the drained oil.

6. How Do You Reset the Oil Light on A 2014 Lexus RX 350?

Start the car and push the ODO/TRIP button until “TRIP A” displays.  Hold the button down while switching on the ignition.

Release the button until you see dashes on the odometer. Your reset is complete when zeros appear on the screen.


If you see a new light glowing on your dashboard, it is actually a notification for oil life remaining in your crankcase. Change the drained oil with the new one.

Not all cars have an oil change reminder but if yours does, consider resetting the light. Otherwise, you will be annoyed by seeing the light all the time.

Now, after the oil maintenance required Lexus service is done, the light will still blink. It will not go off until you reset the maintenance setting.

It has all the step-by-step instructions for Lexus oil maintenance required to reset. The basic procedure is similar in all makes of Lexus including IS 250, ES 350, GS 330, RX 350, etc.

However, the location of buttons and settings vary from model to model. Refer to this guide the next time your oil light needs to be reset.

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